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Best Way to Get the Most Mass


I've been working out consistantly for about 9 months now and was wondering what is the best way with lifting to get the most mass. is it better to lift lighter weight with more reps or heavier weight and less reps like 8-10. Also I'm trying to put on 15-20 lbs in about 2 months I know I need to eat every 3-4 hrs but was wondering if its possible and whats the best way to go about it. Thanks for any tips!


1) Eating is number one priority 1.5g/lbs of weight (to start), protein every meal
2) Lift heavy on compound exercise ie: Squat and dead for 6-10 reps
3) Eat more

15-20lbs in 2 months I say is doable if you are a noob at working out.

Mind posting stats?


Eat a lot, but more specifically eat a lot around your workout in the form of protein and carbs.


Eat a lot, lift a lot, and be PATIENT. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will you.


The fastest way to build muscle is to read the stickied threads in the beginner forum. Seriously. Click on the 'beginner' banner at the top of the screen, and read through the first four threads. The more you read, the better your results will be, although not quite on a linear scale.


I'm workin on eating more. i have a really hight metabolism so i know i have to have a lot more calorie intake as well.


Thanks for the tips! I will for sure check out the beginner fourms. i'm 22, 6', and 165 lbs. as far as size for chest and arms would it be better to go more weight and less reps or less weight and more reps?


The reason people didn't give you a direct answer in your original post was that the question itself is flawed. Trust me- read the stickies, and follow the other advice in the thread.

Protip- never advertise you're focusing on your chest and arms (on this site) unless you're already in 3/4/5 territory. You will be flamed into ash and scattered by the fickle wind of failpics and lolcats.


sounds good i'll keep that in mind thanks!