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Best Way to Get Strong


The best way to get strong is to pick a meet, train for it, and actually compete. Most of the would be powerlifters I talk to want to wait until they are stronger until they do a meet. These people never seem to get any stronger and never end up competing. I just did my first meet on the weekend and I learned more about getting strong in 12 weeks then I ever have. I also found out how much more there is to learn.


I was always under the impression though that the best way to get strong was to just work harder every week than you did the previous.

I do see what you're saying though. Its more motivating to work towards getting better for the meet that you will either compete in or get embarrassed in, than to work towards getting bigger so that you could maybe enter a meet.


i agree. last february, my bench was at 185 for 2 reps. i decided to train for a meet in may '06. last monday, i did a 2board press with 335 lbs, and am hoping to nail a 350 bench at the meet - if i don't chicken out.


Way to go. train hard, do that meet. You will be glad you did. Good luck


People worry too much about winning meets when they're starting out. Eventually, it should be about winning meets, but when you're starting out where you place does not matter. One reason is that you never know who is going to show up. You could total your bodyweight and win...or you could put up a huge total and get completely stomped.

Doing a meet gives you an objective way of judging progress. You know that between a certain date and another date that your squat did this or that under specific circumstances. Many people who just lift and don't do meets end up waking up years later realizing they've put 5lbs on their bench.

Not to mention that most people will perform a lot better under meet conditions than they will in training.


From bodybuilder to powerlifter that's awesome. I bet you'll be surprised on how your physique will change just by taking your mind off bodybuilding for a while. Now come on give us your numbers for the meet. I have always talked about powerlifting in the off season but like a lot of people I woused out. Thanks for the motivation.

Later, T


523 squat 402 bench 529 deadlift in the 90kg class


I agree, I never trained harder until I had paid my money to get into my first pl meet. Now I need to find another one.