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Best Way to Get SPAM

Where are the best places to sign up my (or someone else who I know) email address to recieve tons of spam mail?

I don’t have any grudge against anyone, or any ex-coworkers or anything, just thought it would be funny to sign up for some spam :wink:

Any ideas?

I don’t advise this, but go to porn sites, and put your ( or preferably, someone you hate ) email address in any boxes that ask for it. If you use your own email, I guarantee, you’ll be sorry.


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If you can still get access to the old Newsgroups servers set up your account so that the reply to e-mail is who ever you’re looking to spam out. then go to the alt.binarys.(Fill in porn genre here) and post some empty messages. The spam guys bots will pic up the addy and they will have a full inbox in notime.


Give your e-mail out to every porn site you can. The shadier it looks, the better. Also, a great way to fuck up someone’s computer is to turn off all security in Internet Explorer (as if IE security did anything in the first place), and type in “free porn” in google and click on as many links as possible.

Good tips.

Uh, I’m doing some college research on spam, so that’s why I’m asking…

I tried one of those things where you’re supposed to get something free, like a PS2 or a shirt, and it took forever just to finish.

I signed up for tons of stuff, but they were each probably only going to send one email (maybe not).

How could I have forgotten about those porn sites. I’ll search for “free porn in your email” and see what comes up.

Go to the Publisher’s Clearing House web site and sign someone up. They will be SPAMMED for the rest of their life with no end to it unless they change e-mail addresses.