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Best Way to Get Rid of Hiccups


I have had the f-ing hiccups off and on for a couple of days. What is the general consensus on how to get rid of them? It's kind of distracting while your lifting.


The hiccups are a spasm of your diaphragm. Like any spasming muscle you must stretch it to attempt to make the spasm cease.

So the old "hold your breath" is kind of the answer. But more accurately, take the most massive breaths you can and hold them and then fully exhale. Just try and take your diaphragm through it's maximum range of motion and hold it there with your lungs full for a bit.

Hope that helps.


Cut your diaphragm out of your stomach.


A sure cure is a sneeze, but the challenge is to induce that, so IDK...sniff some pepper
or something.


Sledge hammer. Apply vigorously. Universal solution.


Use the Valsalva maneuver


This ^

And to add a little twist, pinch your nose closed while you hold your breath, wait until your eyes are about to pop out from holding your breath, then forcefully exhale thru your nose only ....

I don't get hiccups very often, but when I do they are violent, lol. Doing this once or twice has always worked.

Hope that helps dude - that sucks ....


This always works for me, drink out of the opposite side of a cup of water.

Fill up a cup close to the top. Best done standing outside or over a sink. Hold the cup in front of you, take a sip out of the side that is away from you. You have to lean over to do it. 1 or 2 sips is all it takes for me.



So uh,.. no scaring the hiccups out of someone?



These days? We will then need a thread about a cure for a Bloody Nose.



1.Huge Breath
2.Exale as slowly as possible
3.Repeat if need be


Or how to effectively clean your tighty whities...Let's not give this crowd too much credit :wink:


All wrapped together with a nice court settlement and woefully elongated legal case.


Pegging will cure it

or playing frogger on the nearest highway


The old Jewish solution is a variation of this, which was actually a subject of a pretty extensive study:

  1. Get a small glass of water
  2. Take a very deep breath.
  3. Drink 12 swigs of water WHILE HOLDING YOUR BREATH

There is some funny Yiddish story attached to this, which is B.S., but the truth is the act of drinking while holding your breath makes you hold your breath a bit longer than you would otherwise and the swallowing pushes against the diaphram while you hold your breath.

Some also hypothesize that continually drinking while holding your breath also is a bit unnatural which re-sets your sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.

-- Mrs. Jewbacca


Come on Doc, just prescribe Ativan 1mg three times a day PRN


hahah Derek



I still get someone, about once a month or so, faking something to try get a benzo of some kind. The ones who need it (like so hyper they are going to pop a stitch), refuse to take anything because it makes them feel "weird." Drives me crazy.

I can only imagine what it is like as a P.C. MD.

-- Mrs. J.


Never had that problem, but if it does happen I'll be sure to try this stuff, haha.

In high school, I used to tap one of my front teeth with one of my knuckles to keep my hiccups going until the teacher let me out of class. Not sure how it worked, it was probably just a mental thing, but it worked out well for getting out of class.