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Best Way to Get Rid of Extra Fat

So I’ve gone like 3 months now with a good 3000+ calorie diet and lifting 4 times a week to gain muscle mass. I put up 5 kg (from 65kg to about 70kg). I’m 18 and 174cm tall, so I have a long way to go to get where I want in terms of muscle. But now I feel I have some extra fat that I want to get rid of before going on with bulking. So I ask here for your help.

Is it fine to go from 3000+ calories to 2000 with the same percentage of protein, carbs and fat? More or less? And what happens with lifting? What would be a good routine for when I’m cutting?

Right now I go 4 times a week and do arms and chest on 2 days and legs, back, and abs on the other 2 days. 3 different exercises for each part, 4 sets of about 8 reps. So now I suppose I have to stop doing that much but still do some, and what about cardio? Like how many times a week should I be doing it and which exact exercise?

I would like suggestions for cardio in the gym and at home, as I can only go twice per week now to the gym, so the rest I would do at home. I think that’s about all the questions I have, thanks for answering.

You will end up going in circles and getting absoutely nowhere if you cut now.

Add some cardio if you are gaining too much fat a few times a week.

Remember muscle doesn’t come easy, you have to actually bust your ass in the gym.

You have to remember though, you WILL gain fat with muscle. What you need to do is minimize the fat gains. 3:1 lbs muscle/fat is the norm if you do it right. and i wouldn’t wanna lower the calories if i were you. just eat CLEAN and incorporate some HIIT on your cardio.

Read up on Carb Cycling.

In a nutshell you plan your carbohydrate intake on what you’re doing for the day.

So for leg day or back day you might have a ton of carbs to power you through the workout and to help you recover from the workout

And on Arm Day or Chest Day you’ll have less.

And on your off days you won’t have many at all.

But there’s more to it than that.

Going from 3000 calories to 2000 calories would be unnecessary. In fact, you might want to start eating more.

Digesting food burns calories. If you eat 5 or 6 meals as opposed to 3 meals, you will burn more calories. Eating frequently throughout the day instead of eating 2 or 3 meals a day also keeps your blood filled with Amino Acids.

Keeping your blood filled with Amino Acids is especially important. Every time your body needs protein for new hair, liver, toe-nail, or any other compound it looks to the blood for Amino Acids. If the Amino Acids aren’t there, your body will just take some from your Skeletal Muscle. Yeah, that’s right. Your body will rob you of your precious Quads and Lats in order to repair other stuff.

But if you have enough amino acids because you eat protein 5 or 6 times a day, your body won’t have to rob muscle from itself. This means you have more muscle on your body. More Muscle = Faster Metabolism.


(1) Carb Cycling
(2) Build Muscle and keep Muscle to lose fat

lipo is your only option