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Best Way to get Ready for 5K


Okay, I've been doing 5/3/1 for the last 8 months, with my conditioning limited to some sprints, farmer's carries, that sort of thing. I'm going to be doing a 5K cancer run in exactly 3 weeks. I know I could gut my way through 5K right now, but I'd like to not to be able to do decently well and not feel like I'm dying the entire time.

So, is that achievable, or at this point am I just going to have to suck it up and accept that I'm going to suffer?


You’ll make fairly little in the way of true “gains” in aerobic fitness in three weeks. You’ll have to use your general fitness from lifting an sprints to carry you through it. Your best bet is to show up fresh and uninjured, and TBH just piling on some running volume in three weeks is more likely to get you injured than it is to drastically improve yor fitness in such a short time frame. I’d suggest a modest amount of running (something like 1.5 miles every other day) for the next two weeks, then just one or two during the week of the race.

A 5K is really something anyone that exercises regularly ought to be able to “complete” if not exceptionally fast.


Thanks for the reply, your advice sounds reasonable. My overall plan is to drop off the assistance work and stick to just the core exercises on 5/3/1 so I’m not wrecking my muscles, and switch my sprints from 40m and 110m fairly fast, to 400m at closer to a run pace 2x a week. Other than that, throw a few 1.5+ mile runs in, on off days, just to figure out what a sustainable pace is for me right now. How does that sound?


Google couch to 5k program. But yeah usually not too bad if you are in any kind of shape


It’s become a moot point. I was walking my dogs yesterday (my 2 dogs together outweigh me) and someone’s rottweiler was off the chain and came at them… Fortunately no dogs were hurt in the incident, but I ended up with hyper-extended toes on my left foot in the process of breaking up the fight. The top of my big toe is purple, and I can’t put weight on the toes of my left foot. So, no running for a little while…


My advice as a high school runner would be try to have a week mileage run schedule you follow that consists of running long distance, hills, and speed. I run about 30-40 miles a week and my pr in the 5k is 20:25. Run hard and believe in yourself!