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Best way to gain muscle?

What is the best way to gain muscle? Heavy weight with low reps, or high reps with somewhat heavy weight.

Get ready for an onslaught of heavy flames. It’s gonna burn…

Man, are you on the wrong forum to be asking that! Go to Men’s Fitness Magazine .com and see if they have a forum. It might be a little more appropriate for you.

I don’t think there’s a right answer to this question, if there is, it’s somewhere in the middle. Good question, try both and report back to the forum in a couple months, thanks.

Worry about eating right first.

Don’t you guys feel a little bad for this guy? I do. Ok I’ll bite. Mike, 1st, how old are you, how long have you been training, what kinds of workouts have you used so far? What are your goals? Do you play sports in which you need to perform or are you just concerned with getting “larger”? If you havn’t guessed your question shows that you need a lot to learn. Give some info and maybe someone can help to show you where you need to go to do some research. But assuming you are very new to lifting I don’t want to completely leave you empty handed so give some more info. Most newbies focus too much on the workout and not enough on diet so… read as much as you can on what you need to EAT to grow. Next there is no “perfect workout”. Your body will adapt to any workout so change them often and use all different kinds of rep schemes. I was once where you are and the biggest mistake I ever made was finding a great workout in which I made great gains initially. I followed that workout for 2.5 years because I thought that was the “best way” to gain muscle so I was scared to change. I ended up not growing after the first 2 or 3 months on this workout. So the next 2 years was spent on maintaining because my body would not respond to that workout any more. So yes you need to do a lot of reading, but you must get it straight in your head that there is no “best way” and you need to change your workout every couple months at least!!! good luck

Read Read Read!!! Don’t know if you know this a online magazine also. Go to the home page and click on this Week’s Issue. There are two threads on this topic… Good Luck.

Not new to weight lifting, just got through with college football, 6-5,270, i was just wondering my strength coach in college used low reps, and now my personal trainer uses high reps, i was just asking for some input, wasn’t asking none of you guys for a damn workout, i got that already, just wanted some positive feedback.

Mike- knowledge is power in this game- read, read and read. Firstly get your nutrition right. For start up you just need to make sure you’re eating lots, and then add some more. (Try to stay relatively healthy, but high calories with plenty of protein). Next, you need a workout. I would suggest compound exercises (squat, bench press, deadlift etc.) with moderate weight for medium reps. But get your FORM right first. Find a local gym with a good instructor, (and then READ some more!) There’s LOADS of info on this site and others. FAQ’s on the lower left side of this page will also probably be very helpful. Good luck. (And you know the previous post about Men’s Health might not be such a bad idea- this type of info will probably help you in a more straightforward basic manor for the first few months-year of training.)

Like they all said, read, a lot. This sight is chock full of information (what does “chock full” really mean, anyway?). When you’re done reading all the pertinent stuff (like in say, a month or two) get back to the experts here.

Thanks, DanS, for shifting the tide and giving Mike a decent answer. I always feel bad when people get blasted. If I were working out in the gym and someone came up to me and asked me what Mike did, I’d give them a straight answer.

To Mike, I agree with what SRS (and DanS) said. Diet is critical to gains, to health and to athletic performance. You need to be getting enough protein (1.5g per pound of BW). You need enough carbs, but more importantly, you need the RIGHT TYPE of carbs (non-processed, not-out-of-a-package, green-veggie type carbs. And you need to be eating every two and a half to three hours. With those things in place, a VARIETY of rep schemes could help you achieve your goals. And changing your program, your exercises, your rep scheme, your weights, your tempo frequently is a VERY GOOD thing. Myself, for bulking, I’m planning on alternating between a strength program (5x5) and a hypertrophy program (3x8-12). My logic is that if I build strength, when I switch to a hypertrophy program, I’ll be able to lift more weight and thus will be able to provide my muscles with greater stimulation. The end result? Growth!

Mike, there is an abundance of programs here on T-Mag. I know you don’t need one because you have a personal trainer, but just reading about how they’re structured and different exercises will give you the knowledge that allows you to take control of your development. The problem with most PTs is that they’re weak in the diet and nutrition portion of things. If your diet is not right, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using heavy weight and low reps or “somewhat heavy” weight with high reps. You will NOT see the gains you’re hoping for.

Last thought, Mike. Be sure to check out the Renegade Revolution forum (at the top of the screen). Coach John Davies does great work with young, up-and-coming (and professional)football players. You’ll get absolutely fabulous advice on anything and everything that could positively affect your athletic performance.

Take care and good luck to you!!!

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The key is variety, but keep it simple as well. Try the 20 rep squats program referred to as “super squats” as a sure fire way to pack on some mass. 5x5 works well as well. Focus on exercises such as dips, chin-ups, deadlifts, squats etc and up the calories. Do some research at t-mag and get started. Over the course of several years, you will discover what works best for you. Enjoy the process and get going.

Get the best of both worlds and try an HST program. It will take you from 15’s down to negative 5’s.