Best Way to Gain Consistently in Front Squats

hey everyone, i’ve been front squatting regularly for awhile now and am enjoying the gains i’ve been getting in strength and so forth. I don’t plan on ever going back to back squats so I just wna know what’s the best way to continue to get stronger in front squats since i always seem to plateau every 15-20 lbs i put on for several weeks. I’m at 200-205 for 6-7 reps rock bottom but my goal is to get to 275 for 8-9. Any tips?? my scheme looks something like this at the moment barx12, 115x10, 145x8, 185x8, 200x AMAP, then drop down to 185 and try to get as many as i can again.

Gains aren’t linear. Temporary plateaus are normal. You could try adding small increments every week using the 2.5lb plates however. Just keep trying to put weight on the bar.

Read Hungry4more’s Alpha thread, that bugger has a great front squat and I think a number of us are doing something similar to what he does (success leaves footprints).

Look up hungry4more’s thoughts on front squats. It’s worked great for him and at least a few others that have tried it.

alright i’ll check itout.

Which thread is it? cause in the thread about him I didn’t see anything about front squats and I am wondering as well.