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Best Way to Fit in Cardio


Looking for some advice

Starting a upper/lower body split similar to westside for skinny bastards.
I know how inportant diet is in losing body fat but looking to add some cardio sessions during the week to help with fat loss and general fitness levels.
Looking for advice on how to fit cardio in this kind of training plan.
for example is it best to do it after weights or on rest days etc.
Any thoughts and advice would be great.



after weights. If you have the time. A good spin or airdyne bike will help your legs recover from squatting and work the conditioning. Get a heart rate monitor, do sets of 20 minutes at a resistance that allows for 25-30 rpms. You will shed fat ridiculously, have a much better aerobic profile and still have fresh legs for the next session of lifting.


i do it on my "day off" the day after legs, aids my recovery...different heart rate ranges.


can't help you without seeing what the training plan looks like


weight training would be

mon heavy upper
tue lower repition and dynamic
wed off
thur upper repition
fri heavy lower
sat off
sun off


Maybe try adding sprints wed (since you're just coming off of lower dynamic workout) and some steady state on sat for a nice slow active recovery from fri. Another good thing to do is just add some 30 min walks in there as many times as you'd like. That can never hurt.


Open up your workout with some complexes...great warm up, sick cardio


I have to agree with the 20 min. spin. That been the best for me.


I do both some conditioning exercise after weights and on average a 20 minute cardio session on the treadmill--either an interval set or a mixture of height and distance work on the deck.