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Best Way to Ease Someone In?


I have a good friend who I will be helping get to the gym consistently. She has a lot of the normal misconceptions about getting "too big" and looking manly, just want to tone etc.

I don't want to throw a truck load of info at her at once. She will be dedicated, and I'm sure she has the will power to stick with it, but I don't want her getting overloaded and quitting because I threw too much at her.

I drove the point that consistency and intensity in a workout are more important than finding the "perfect" routine and doing it half-assed.

She already works out with weights, kind of aimlessly, using too light of weights (15+ reps all the time).

Got a good suggestion on where to start? A good article that debunks a lot of myths for women, that doesn't scare them away too soon???

Appreciate any help.






Read the book:

The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess

That's how I got started, at least.


Hi-larious! Sent this to my wife


Thanks for the responses. She's doing better than I expected already. Really motivated and best of all, she's smart enough and open minded enough to see why the myths she was believing were wrong.

And Cal, I will suggest the lube, and hope she goes for it. If I get slapped, I'm blaming you though. :wink:


Heh heh, sorry, couldn't resist!
Stumptuous is a great site, though - worth checking out the training articles (such as "mistressing the pull-up") and so forth.


It's an awesome site and the one I most often referred to when I was teaching myself to squat etc.

Your first response though was what immediately went through my mind :slight_smile:




Stumptous got me started.

My first thought was also lube.


stumptuous got me started, too.
then i found 'starting strength' (one whole chapter on squatting? yeah!!!)
there are pics of a girl in there...

then i found this:

and decided i wanted to do that more than most things.


kinda hate to say it but some of the crossfit instructional vids can be helpful, too. for showing athletic, strong, non-scary women doing cool stuff with decent weights. guess that was an in-between step from starting strength and olympic weightlifting for me. takes a while to develop an aesthetic appreciation for superheavyweights :slight_smile:


No reason to hate on Crossfit. It isn't for everyone but it's pretty damned effective for most women.


I guess it is true that most chicks would show greater appreciation for some hot crossfit chick high repping ugly clean and jerks than for a superheavyweight lift a crapload of weight with close to technical perfection for one rep.

I don't hate on them.


thanks for posting that. It was hypnotic and wonderful to watch. It makes me want to learn Olympic lifting.


oh good she likes training?

Now send her here.



I'll admit, this is where my thoughts were when I opened a thread called "how to ease someone in".

And that video was pretty damn mesmerizing.