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Best Way to Download Movies?

My question is whether the T-brethren have a preferred method to download a movie from the internet. Is it better to use file sharing stuff like kazaa or bearshare ; or perhaps some other program?

I currently use Nero to burn DVD’s , and DVD decryptor / DVD shrink to perform the other technical stuff to give me shiny ripped backup DVD’s. I go to an electronics store and get a gross of those DVD cases ( not the thin ones ) and use my color printer to print off the dvd’s cover from www.cdcover.cc/ .

After doing all of this i can have a nice looking product for the variable price of $5. But if anybody knows about downloading so i can make a backup of just realeased movies , let me know. Thanks and i apologize for the totally shameless thread

You do realize that they are starting to sue left and right people who are downloading movies illegally?

The risks are definitely increasing tremendously…

With that said, I haven’t downloaded movies in a long long time so can’t help you.

Its not illeagal to download. It is however to let others download from you. This is a important peice of info - i did a report for my capstone management class on the legal environment of the film/music industry. I could be wrong b/c i haven’t dug up the laws themselves and inspected them; but thats what i’ve read over and over.

BTW the suing is based on another face of the fact that you can record all the movies you like from your vcr. You face a legal risk however, when you broadcast that to other people. Im not sure if this means more than one other person like a wife or a group of people , or whatever. In summary - dont let others download from you and you won’t break the law.

I gave up on trying to download movies a while ago, but a friend of mine swears by Bit Torrent. He usually downloads movies either before they’re released in theatres or shortly after.

yea i would use torrents as well, youll need a bit torrent client ( i like azureus http://azureus.sourceforge.net ) and then some torrent sites, try http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/romeria/search.htm

Yup…Bittorrent is where its at, for me anyway. But Newsgroups are equally good if not better, but some ISP’s limit your newsgroup bandwith allotted each month.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Unless I am mistaken, in order for BitTorrent to work, it requires you to share stuff too yeah? That’s the basis for most of these P2P (or whatever they call it nowadays) software/network?

Yup, BitTorrents works by having you share for at least the duration of your download.

If you use it to download illegal stuff, consider that you’ll also be sharing it for at least a short while.

In that case, you might want to use PeerGuardian, a special kind of firewall that prevents investigative corporations and authorities from connection to you.