Best Way to Dose Creatine

I’ve been taking creatine for years to the point where it stopped working.

I have a new dosing protocol though. If i remember i try to take creatine every hour i’m awake. JUST 1 GRAM OF CREATINE MONOHYDRATE EVERY HOUR. Just 1 gram every hour. Guess what?

I’ve put on 5lbs in two days and i look a lot less fat. 1 gram of creatine every hour.

Try it and see.

Quick question: does anyone know of a type of creatine that digests quicker so i can take it every half hour.

[quote]big balls wrote:
I’ve been taking creatine for years to the point where it stopped working.[/quote]

I doubt it. That would be like saying that water has stopped working for you because you’ve been drinking it for years. Creatine is a nutrient that people get through their diets. Supplementing with it just gives an additive effect.

As long as you’re using the same type of creatine, my guess is that any change you’ve noted is coincidental or psychological.

Interesting result. It’s worth a try.

So you put on 5 lbs of muscle mass?..

Do you snort that 1 gram every hour for added effect?

I can picture it, “You got some good Yo there man.”

“Nah, creatine, sniff sniff gained 5 lbs since I started railing it yesterday.”


I cannot believe no one has told him the truth.
One Word, SOCKS!!!

probably just water weight.

[quote]brauny96 wrote:
probably just water weight.[/quote]


You also probably look leaner because the creatine pulled most of your subcutaneous water into your muscles.

That said, hydrated muscles perform better than dehydrated muscles and increased muscular volume, whether from muscle, fat, or water leads to more strength.

also could be useful for pre-contest or whenever you need that extra little boost in leanness to look good naked. Not something I’d want to have to do on a daily basis, but could prove useful from time to time.

put it in your socks.

I’VE NOW PUT ON 16LBS IN A WEEK. This protocol of 1 gram of creatine every hour is working.

During my recent research i have found that higher levels of creatine in the brain increase appetite. Since dosing this protocol i have been constantly hungry.

Has your mom ever gone to the store for milk and not come back?

Of muscle or water?

Been a good month off creatine… am going to try this protocol again but upped the dose from 1 gram to 5 grams of creatine every waking hour. Results after 4 hours… a stinking headache

you went straight from 1g to 5g? that makes zero sense. and why would you even go up from 1g if it is working? I don’t wanna say it doesn’t make sense but…

pics or it didnt happen.

Your taking 5 grams of creatine… AN HOUR???


5 grams a day and I peak on the water weight gain of between 4 and 6 lbs consistently by about the 8th day, but I wish you luck.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
pics or it didnt happen. [/quote]



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