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Best Way To Dose Adex Capsules

Hey guys, quick question. Whats the best way to dose Arimidex (Anastrazole) capsules? They are a 1mg capsule. Since my doc is not on board with an AI, I had to go the www route for my inhibitor until I find another Doc which I am currently working on. The capsules is what I found so i bought it. I just want to be prepared for high E2 when the numbers come back. I may be jumping the gun but just got verbal labs back a piece of my blood work, others will not be available until friday.
Total T - 1400
Free T - 38
These are 2.5 days post shot. I will post full labs on friday.
Thanks, you guys Rock!! Also, a big shout out to Ksman and Nashtide, thanks for all the good work you guys do for this site. It doesn’t go UN-noticed!!

Normally capsules come in two pieces. I would suggest you get a small sheet of wax paper. Open the capsules by lightly pulling and twisting them apart. Alternatively you can tap the capsules on their point to push all the powder to one end the cut the other tip off. Poor the powder onto the wax paper. Then add 1mg of the powder to 1ml of vodka and let it dissolve completely. Use a syringe for accuracy of both measuring the vodka and dosing the Adex solution. I like 1mg/ml concentration because it’s easy to dose as little as 0.1mg-1.0mg with a 1cc syringe.

Or dissolve 1mg/ml in vodka and dispense by volume.

Thanks Guys! Thats the route i will take :+1: