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Best Way to Do Good Mornings


Hello everyone,

I just want to thank you all for the motivating posts, been reading this forum faithfully for two years and it's made a big difference on my approach to lifting. Thanks to the likes of the charming one, steelyd, hel, meat, dz, and all the rest i've transitioned from a bodybuilding split to a steady diet of squats, deadlifts, bench, press, and powercleans.

I'm still learning and making steady progress but running into trouble on progressing my deadlift. I have a longer torso and can tell the lower back is my weakness on my heavy work set. After reading a good set of articles by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson:


It's time to add good mornings into my routine. Can anyone give me some good pointers on how to do good mornings safely and correctly. I am thinking of setting the pins in the power cage at my lowest point (just above parallel) with a good arch in my back, then start with the bar and work my way up.

Thanks for your help.


That's how I do them. Make sure you don't bounce off the pins. If you can't keep from bouncing off the pins, them do them free, with the pins below parallel to catch you. You can do them with narrow or wide stance, bent or straight knees and at different heights too. Watch the form on straight legged ones, it's how I hurt my back.

I've been advised to do slow descents and explosive concentric on them and to really push my ass out, but that guy wanted a kiss, too, so I dunno.


I unrack just like a squat. I vary between close stance and side stance, and yes, you need to push your butt way out. Think of that one chick you really like to watch doing stiff legg deadlifts. Your ass should be out that far, just not that pretty. Think big air in the gut too.

Read this: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=4102&tid=102
or this: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=14297&tid=102


This is how I do them. Though I like to do them straight-legged, and I find it's easier to do 'em that way if I take a wide stance.


No bouncing, ass pushed out, guys want to kiss you ... it sounds like an exercise fraught with peril :slightly_smiling: Thanks for the good advice.


Naw - not if your shots are up to date...

Good luck!


Thanks Pete, the air in the gut is a good.... wait... what was i saying?


I like them but find they make my hammies tighter than romanians, but was recommended seated GMs to solve this and it did. Back, hips worked but hammies are kind of out of it. Used to find a bench then throw a couple of planks on it or a few plates to get the seat position almost as high as my butt would be if doing them standing. Sit and lean.

these done round back, and common sense will tell you not to max out. After you have played arround with them for a while, you and your commonsense will work out what comes next..


Check this out this article and video


It has a lot of useful information regarding the GM and dos and donts. It also talks about using resistance bands. I have been using resistance bands for sometime now, although i still workout with weights, bands have greatly improved weak points and sticking points of my lifts. Also remember and this guy talks about it is to keep a stomach full of air, one of the reasons we see powerlifters where belts is to train themselves to push the stomach out... CIO i think beginners and advance lifters could benefit from this EVERYONE NEEDS A STRONG BACK A STRONG POSTERIOR AND CORE ARE SOME THE MOST IMPORTANT STRENGTHS TO HAVE AS AN ATHLETE


Just joined tonight, 3 posts minutes apart, all pointing to this primal fitness website.

Methinks someone is doing some viral advertising.