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Best Way to Cut for Comp?


hey im new to the forums but not really because this is where i get tons of motivation to train everyday. i have a meet on december 17 so about 2.5 weeks away. i would like to compete in the 85kg class so i can qualify for bigger meets easier. i would really appreciate any advice from just about anybody, thank you!

my stats:
years olympic weightlifting=about 1.5 years of serious trainig
weight=about 88kg but i compete in the 85kg class
front squat=152kg
back squat=156kg


First thing is to weigh yourself in the morning post toilet to get a base line. Then monitor your evening weight pre sleep to see what you weigh and see how much weight you drop over night.

You have 16 days which is plenty to drop 2kg.

I usually just cut in the sauna but this may hurt you badly depending how you respond to being dehydrated and if you will be the 2nd or 3rd group lifting instead of the first group. Chew gum to keep your mouth from drying up.

You can do water manipulation.

7 days out pound 4litres a day for 5/6 days. The last day drink only half a litre and you will drop a good 1.5-2kg depending on how you respond to it.

Avoid salt a week out from the comp is another tip.

I personally just abuse myself in the sauna. I usually lift in the last group so I have more time to recover.



On a somewhat related note, which one is better in training:

  1. That you're always over the targeted bodyweight/weight class by several kgs.
  2. That you "hover" around (+/- 1kg or so) your targeted bodyweight/weight class.


2-3kg max over. Nearer the 3 end if your 94+

1-2kg isn't too bad to drop really for 56-85kg guys but pushing 3-4kg when your 56-62 is probably going to hurt you a bit more then 1-1.5-2kg.

It also entirely matters if you drop weight and you affects you badly.



whichever one allows you to make the most progress in training. as Koing has said, he made the mistake of forcefully keeping himself in the 85's for years, and as a result made almost no progress over that time. if you need to gain a little weight to get stronger then do it. it's relatively easy to hold onto strength while losing weight, imo. but if you can get stronger without gaining, then that's fine too. personally, my lifts have gone way up over the last year or so without me really gaining any weight. but eventually that will stop, and in my experience the best way to kick start the strength gains again is to put on a little bit more weight.


thanks for the replies guys. ill let you know how the meet goes and hopefully ill have a video of my lifts too