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Best Way to Convert Arimidex Caps to Liquid?


guys I want to use up some arimidex caps that I have (1mg caps) but they're too concentrated for me. I was thinking of suspending the powder inside the caps in a liquid and dosing that way. What does everyone think about this?



use vodka


What about grinding the A-Dex into a fine powder and snorting it?


Please don't be stupid in this forum. There are many others on T-Nation for you to play around in.


LOL you mean you were being serious when you said he should mix it with Vodka ???


I'll try the vodka. How much fluid would you recommend to suspend it in? I've got probably 15-20mg of arimidex


Arimidex is soluble in ethanol. I've personally mixed chemicals in everclear before for liquid dosing.


1 mg/mL is a pretty solid start and easy to do the math for...dont mix it up all at once cause i have no idea how that affects the shelf life...weekly would probably work...its not too difficult


No need for that just emty the cap split the powder into 4 equal piles lick you finger ans wipe up the powder for one dose and wash it down with water, my source come in caps and I do it all the time


thanks for the input guys