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Best Way to Check if Gear is Legit?


Hi, I am just wondering what is the best way to check if the gear received is legit? Such as test. enanthate?


It is most likely not ‘faked’ in the sense that it has something dangerous in it. Most ‘fake’ gear is either under dosed or just straight oil.

Injecting it with the use of blood test is the only way to tell.


Who do you think is going to be able to help you with this query? The Amazing Kreskin?


You inject 2ml a week for 4-6 weeks and if your muscles grow then you have an amount of Testosterone in your product.


Urban myth is that if you freeze it,the test will turn to crystals.


You don’t. You find a solid source, and trust the product.


Foolproof test: Use it.

Nothing happens, it’s fake.
If you grow, it’s real.
If you grow, but die, it’s real but of poor quality.


Or you get a staph infection AND don’t grow.


Take it to a lab and have a sample run through a mass spectrometer.


[quote]Aragorn wrote:
Take it to a lab and have a sample run through a mass spectrometer. [/quote]


No shit, this is the answer to the question alright, it is the best way to check!



How long after they check it do they turn you in.


Why bring up a dead thread to say absolutely nothing?

The average IQ of this board is seemingly going down.



Hopefully this is a useful post…

Until you find a reliable source, you will obviously have to try it. I look up pics online and compare between known counterfeits, obviously this is hard with the large variety of labs these days. Also, check the quality of the bottle it came in, does the top spin when you twist it? These things might not mean that it is fake, but it might mean it is very poor quality.

Interesting story, I bought a bunch of boxes of Russian d-bol (don’t remember brand) and compared it to pics online and known counterfeit pics and 3 boxes out of 100 were fake! I don’t know how it happened, but they somehow got mixed in there.

When in doubt, get a blood test. Tell your doctor something, anything that might warrant a blood test. If you have insurance go to a different doc for a “random” check up and they always do a blood test. Make sure to mention sexual dysfunction or lack of sex drive.