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Best Way to Become a S&C Coach?

Hey, im an 18 year old who is enrolling for college for this upcoming year. While i know i have a year or so to decide on my major, i already know what i would like to do with my life. its been my dream to be a strength and conditioning coach for a college program for a few years now.

However, i’m unsure of what the best path would be to take. Initially i was planning on getting my degree in exercise science and then going for my CSCS, but the thought of becoming a high school weight training teacher and working with the sports teams there and building up a ‘reputation’ came to my mind. Doing that seems like it would be a more steady source of income then becoming say, a personal trainer working at a gym and building up experience.

Sorry for the long drawn out post; suggestions?

Will you be playing a sport in college?

It sounds as though you already have a good plan. The easiest way to get an S&C job with any college program is to intern for that program. (Not always worth it.) Personally, I had an opportunity to intern for Penn State, I declined only because my curretn job (at the time) was paying more then I would have made in my first 5 years there.

Your idea of working w/ a high school team is great as well, but be aware if you do work for a college you are there strictly to run the programs written by other coaches. Basically it is not your job to think but to follow. I know I’ve painted a pretty dark picture for you, but I just want you to know there is both good and bad in this field. That being said, I am an S&C coach, I work 80 hours a week over 7 days…and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Good Luck.