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Best Way to Beat a Drug Test


I have a powerlifting meet the first of August. What is best that will not show up in drug test? I know HGH will not show up but will it help if I only have four to five weeks on it? Please help with any suggestions.


If your not drug free dont lift in a drug free federation.

Theres plenty of untested.

Dont be a pussy.


Exactly! There are more than enough non-drug-tested powerlifting federations to choose from. Wipe your vagina clean and find one where you can be competitive.


So hypethetically there is no way to cheat drug tests at The Powerlifting federation.


Isn't there things like using even amounts of Test and Epi-Test and stuff as per the article a while back? Sure it's doable if you can get a hold of anything lol but seriously just lift with others who do it too.


isnt there also things like ummm
competing in non tested events


That's what I meant by lifting with others who do it too. I don't see the point of comparing yourself to natural people besides ego...


Maybe I just want to know what others are doing in my fed to get away with it. You know passing drug tests when you know damn good and well they're cheating. Anyone know of anything to pass the drug tests. Seriously.


By the way, this wasn't a thread about moral advice or where any of you think I should lift. It is about cheating and getting away with it. If you don't agree with cheating then start another thread on your own moral high horse. Steroids are cheating regardless of the competition in which I choose to use them.


This is the article I was talking about http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_investigative/inside_dope
hope it helps, that's about all I've heard of to get away with it.
EDIT: Sorry the way it came out, far as I'm concerned steroids are a hell of a recreational drug and the things they can do for a person are amazing. Sure it's cheating but why not push the envelope a little. Not really having a go at you, good luck.


What a place to air this point of view! One of the most educated steroid forums around! lmao!

I can promise you - the little quote: "Steroids are cheating regardless of the competition" will ensure you get no co-operation or advice from any of the knowledgeable posters here.

It is pretty much universal here, and among any educated users, that PED's used outside of untested events among those who are not doping is considered cheating - but for Bodybuilders or Powerlifters to use PED's in untested events, or to use them recreationally just means that they can train harder and reap the benefits from that, no more, no less.
Conversely, if someone tried to train with that type of intensity so regularly without PED'sd, they would over train - which is a much more realistic outcome in natural trainees.

Not cheating. Peak possible performance. Choices.

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Hey. I want to have fun too. Just need a drug that that won't show up in a test. Is that so bad Roid Ragers?


How to pass a drug test. well for starters dont do drugs.

Second get to know your body and take a drug that will pass through before the meet.Depending on when the test is you could just do a bunch of suspension the morning of.


People are not going to help you cheat.


come on man ,grow some balls and stop being a pussy,theres nothing clever about a AAS user pretending to be natural


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