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Best Way to Balance Training with a Very Physical Job?

I work a physically demanding job as a delivery driver for a lumber yard. I have found that most of the workouts I try lead to me becoming burned out and lethargic at work. What would be the best way for me to train to get bigger and stronger without running myself into the ground?

Well first thing first is to get your diet and recovery on point. If you’re still new to the job, maybe work for a few more weeks and become more accustomed to it physically before you start working out. If it isn’t a new job, make sure your diet is on point and you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep. Other than that, drinking a lot of coffee could give you the little boost you need although I don’t recommend becoming reliant on it.

I would look into something like Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1. It is extremely flexible in terms of how many days a week and the assistance used. Wendler is also a very large proponent of holistic training, meaning including the mobility, warm up, main lift, assistance, and conditioning.
As Mr_J pointed out, nailing down your diet is going to be extremely important for you to recover from both lifting and work a labor intensive job. In addition, sleep and rest are also going to be your best friends for recovering.

I too work a physical job I find your best bet is work hard on recovery the more you can sleep the better the more you eat the better and yeah lots of coffee helps lol. On top of physical I work from 6am to 230pm so I leave my house at 445am going to bed at 8pm sucks but I have to do it to be successful at work and the gym

Well I have worked at my current job for the last 10 years, so I am definitely adjusted to the labor. I have trained for much of the last 10 years without issue, but now it seems to be catching up with me. I guess I will go back and look at some of the Wendler programs that utilize a lower volume approach. Volume seems to be what really kicks my ass.