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Best Way to Balance Lower Back?


I have a muscle imbalance in my lower back from sitting on too thick of a wallet for too long. This impacts my lifts and is slowing down my progress.

But how do I even out the strength in my lower back?




Stick a wallet in the other pocket for a while?


What the fu...?


To start with, thin out your wallet. I'll send you a personal message with my name and address, send me all of your cash.


You'll probably need to talk to one of the authors on the site, drop them a post in one of their lockers.


Thanks. My doctor just told me to move the wallet to a front pocket and do a lot of core work. And I have been following the articles posted here over the last few months on core work.

I had two lumbar strains this year on the left side of my back, which is why I saw a doctor. My left side is just weaker than the right, so I had to replace deadlifts with hyperextensions. I haven't pulled my back since. But I would like to get back to deadlifts again.


First thing to do would be get a smaller wallet.

Second, change most of your lower body work to unilateral work. Do the weaker side first, and only match what you do on your weak side.


Get yourself a girlfriend or if you really need to sort the cause of your problem out I'd suggect you embrace an even more dramatic solution...get yourself a wife.


Ask Cressey. He may give you a routine of the dynamic warm-up exercises contained in magnificent mobility. If he does, buy it. It's worth it.



Lots of glute and lower back work. Deadlifts (of course) but I'd lighten the weight and do more reps than you're used to. Glute ham raises, lunges, stiff leg deadlifts and squats will all help.

Because there is an imbalance however, you will need to be more careful with your form to ensure safety. Remember that your goal is better function, not super strength with the squat.

Exercise with that in mind and in a few months this will just be a distant memory.


I love it... "stick a wallet in the other pocket for awhile" That was priceless!!


First of all, always remove your wallet when in the car. Or you could buy a front pocket wallet.

Secondly, to support and strengthen you back you should do specific torso work that targets the:

transverse abdominus
internal obliques
quadratus lumborum

Get those muscles back up to par. Sometimes after a back injury, these important torso muscles take a back seat to muscles like the erectors spinae and the biceps femoris, and if you continue to do the same motions the problem only gets worse.


You may have a "pelvic cross synrome". Do a google search for hip alginment, and the author of the articles, Brandon Fox.


Do they have wallets specifically designed for front pockets?


The only thing I can think of is the wallet hits your sciatic nerve.

Empty out your receipts...deal done.