Best Way to Ask Doctor to Get My Levels Checked?

so ive got what I thought was great insurance. Its a Keiser Perminente “platinum level” plan and I pay a good chunk of money for it. However even at the platinum level it is still an HMO plan. So everything has to go through a GP and in my experience GP’s are fairly worthless. So far ive also got the feeling that they have protocol to give as minimal care as possible. There is a story to that, but I wont get into it. My question is, when im on cycle what is my best way of asking my doctor to check my levels without admitting that I am on a cycle of testoserone? He will probably ask why is it that I want my levels checked and im assuming I will need a valid reason for him to send me for lab tests because that’s just how KP seems to be as the doctors themselves work for KP. I want to get my levels checked before and during my cycle, but again I don’t know how to go about asking the doc for the tests. Id much rather see a urologist, but seeing a specialist with KP is not easy, as they want the GP’s to take care of most of the issues. I was thinking about fibbing a bit and telling him that I took an over the counter test booster that I feel has effected my levels negatively.

thanks in advance for the advice!

Get private blood tests done and pay out of pocket. It’s like $125 and you can avoid dealing with your GP. I believe Private Med Labs is the go-to. Take a look and see if that works for you.

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I pay an insane amount of money for this insurance plan, I have to at least try through my doc. Im guessing even if I told him I was on PED’s he would still have to treat me. I was just wondering from others experiences with their doctors.

All doctors are different, but I had KP and my doctor said that he’d be irresponsible and break his oath if he did not watch after me and treat me while on AAS. He was happy to put in blood work.

However, I did not end up going on AAS at that time. I waited another 6 years.

exactly the reply I was looking for! not that all kp doctors are the same, but I do know that doctors take an oath to help a patient no matter the choices they make. I was just looking for someone elses experience. thank you!

Just be careful man, and don’t take my word as gospel. Understand, that there COULD be ramifications. All doctors are very different, only you know your doctor. I would imagine that Having that stuff written in your medical record could potentially impact your insurance somehow, maybe not, but I just wouldn’t put it past insurance companies who don’t want to pay for shit unless they legally have to.

the way I see it is it is no different than an alcoholic getting treated for alcohol related health issues. They have to treat you regardless. I know I sound like im answering my own question, but was more or less just looking for others experiences. I will tread wisely though, thank you for the advice!

Alcohol is legal, steroids are not. So that analogy isn’t quite the same. However a doctor will treat you if you are a heroin or meth addict. I just don’t know enough about medical insurance. Surely if a heroin addict overdoses and racks up a huge medical bill, insurance wouldn’t want to pay? But I have no clue what they’re obligated to pay or what not, or if they then will deny you in future.

I don’t know anything about it. Just questions you should look into.

ehh the more I think about it, the more I feel that it will be less of a headache to get my levels checked privately. like you said the cost is pretty low. If anything goes wrong though, with true symptoms, they cannot deny me care even if I admit to using ped’s. Asking for my levels to be checked with no true symptoms may be a no go as the doctor can deem the tests unnecessary, but if I have true symptoms like gyno or hypogonadism he absolutely has to treat me to the best of his abilities via their hypocritic oath and by law.

Only reason I was even considering it was because of the $6000 premium I pay per year for my plan and was hoping to gets some use out of it, but taking advantage over a $100 blood test just probably isn’t worth it. especially with kp.

sorry guys should have done my own research before posting, but was just looking for some real life experiences.