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Best Way I've Found to Shovel Down Cottage Cheese


I never used to eat cottage cheese with anything that was sweet... big mistake. I sat down the other day with a cup of vanilla pudding and a little over a lb. of cottage cheese. By mistake I left some pudding on the spoon I was eating with when I ate some cottage cheese. It hit me then that I'd been missing the secret to shoveling down spoonfuls of cottage cheese, without that nasty cottage cheese flavor.

Try it, you'll love it. Also, chocolate pudding isn't bad either.


Except that most of us eat cottage cheese before bed and don't need all that sugar.

Unless you're eating sugar free pudding.


Dude. Heat up some blueberries until they are pretty hot, and dump them on the CC, then put splenda over all of it.

It's heavenly.


Yogourt, cottage cheese, and fruit, berries are best but eat what you like. I hate cottage cheese alone, but this makes it palatable.


Dude, cottage cheese and peaches with the peach syrup is delightful.



I do the exact same, but with mandarin oranges. Tasty!


Mix it with some grape jelly it rocks. Another thing you can do is actually put it on pasta. I do not eat pasta often, but it is actually really good!


roll it in a crepe with a little jelly........if you can bear the calories and sugar


Yes, a great way to get in quality carbs and protein/cals if bulking. Shit, I think I'll have this later today.



Also, for those of us who for some reason do not want to add lots of sugar (even fruit) to cottage cheese, some people including myself find that adding regular pepper (the more the better) makes CC more edible. Yes its very strange, but it works for me.


Dudes, can't you get pineapple cottage cheese, or cheese and chive cottage cheese? These are available in ordinary supermarkets in the UK! Plain cottage cheese is just that - plain!


Peanutbutter and cottage cheese has always worked fine for me.


Damn all of you who can eat cottage cheese without intra-abdominally exploding, and Damn you Lactose.


CC + Flax meal + Cinnamon/Mixed Spice + Cocoa Powder + Berries, perhaps with a huge dollop of PB on top and/or mixed nuts - perhaps some walnut oil (which goes nicely with the cocoa).

I'm actually eating a late night nuts+berries CC concoction as I type this. Good times.




No way, PB goes with EVERYTHING.


I don't really like cottage cheese, so instead of trying to find ways to stand eating it, I just don't eat it.

That's just me.


I like it with applesauce. It makes me feel all bloated the next morning tho. All that damn sodium.


I mix in nicely chopped cucumber, tomatoes and chive. Add pepper etc. and it's very delicious. If you like toast or rye-bread it that on the side.

There is a big difference in taste with different brands. Some are very good, some are very very poor tasting, so I only eat it if I can get the right brand.


Protein + Carb

Cottage Cheese
100% Cocoa Powder
Protein Powder

Protein + Fat

Cottage Cheese
Protein Powder
Flax Seed Meal
Peanut Butter

Both are awesome.