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Best Vitamins for Health?

Hey guys, its winter in australia at the moment and i keep getting sick, which halts training and i lose my appetite and just well it sucks.

Can anyone recommend vitamins i should be taking or anything to stay healthy for a young lifter ?

Unless your diet is in the toilet, you are not likely getting sick due to lack of vitamins.

Wash your hands often, stay away from germ factories (little kids).

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if your training is very intensive, then it might affect your immune system, or at least so i have heard. to this end, you might want to end your training with 5 min of cool down/meditation which, from the same source, activates the immune system again.

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Eat the rainbow.

Avoid people.

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If you want to ingest a vitamin, I recommend Zinc for immune health.

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Cheers is it pricey though?

Well, here in the States, I can get a bottle of 200 caplets (50 mg each) for about $4.00, which comes out to be roughly $.02 per pill and will last me 200 days, obviously.

I’m not exactly sure how that would translate to Australia, but it seems fairly cost effective to me. Obviously, prices go up from there depending upon the brand, so take my cost information with a grain of salt.

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Thanks alot man. Il get my hands on some

Ginger and garlic dude. Raw. Eat that shit up.

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