Best Vitamin D3 and Where to Get It?

I guess the brand of D3 im using is poor quality. I’ve been taking 10,000Iu/day and me levels still only read 43. What does everyone else use and the best place to order it thanks.

I was at 23 using 5000iu of GNC tablets. Switched to Biotics Research liquid drops, 8000iu went to 123 just dropped down to 6000 for next test cycle.

Not sure is really matters as long as it is in liquid form.

Was GNC a hard tablet or a liquid gel?

I have good levels using 2000iu oil base gel caps from Sam’s Club.

Others have claimed that the oil based [liquid] caps are better than the hard/dry tablets.

Thanks. It was the tablets I was using. I have switched to liquid caps. If that dose not work better I’ll try the liquid.

Does’s Sam’s club sell same stuff at Walmart? Being their the same store basically