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Best Video on YouTube.... EVER!




second best....




can I get the lyrics for the first one?




L O Effin L



Not even the best videos in this section of the forum, never mind you tube.


I'm gonna say this is the best youtube video


numa numa is better than this lol


1) The species depicted is neither an alligator nor a croccodile; it's a GHARIAL!

2) The species that sings this song can be found in the ape house of any local city zoo.


inferior class of 2010 thread creator
I drive the forums caboose until later (2011's arrival)



^ i like you now.


WHo doesnt love Jailbait?


But can you fucking imagine?
Girls took the camera and said "Hai, lets take a camera and film our asses shaken'!"

Models I understand, adult entertainment s'cool, but THIS? If my daughter did this shit in my house, with the camera that I bought, using the internet that I paid for etc. I would kill her and make a new one.

Generation sucks. In 30 years this planet will be a flaming ball of shit.


I'm usually not one to judge, but let's just enjoy this wonderful video.

When I was 12 I would've killed to see just 5 seconds of this video.


I blame the internet. we shall destroy it.


I win!!!


^ Yes. Yes you do.