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Best Video I've Seen In a LONG Time


The self-proclaimed "pleasureman" Gunther is back with a new hit: The Xmas song (ding dong. Its the must entertaining thing I've seen for a long time!!



Are you sure this isn't T-Nation's own "PushHarder"??


Holy shit, I think this guy just ruined Christmas for me forever...ding dong....


ah Gunther, he is possibley my favorite artist of all time. Truely a T-man if I ever saw one. The four main things in his life are champagne, sex, glamour, and respect.


I thought it was crap. . .
that was until the midgets came out. I think this will be a classic in no time. Right up there with "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown"


LOL, the big question is: is this guy for real?

He's got possibily the worse lyrics and soundtrack ever, the girls look like typical crap porn stars and he look ridiculous with that dirty porn star stache and mullet?

Is this the biggest practical joke, ever?



I like it better than "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time", but that's not saying much.


A thread about this came up a while ago. Here's his bio:


Bollock's to all the haters!
This guy is cool!
Rock on Gunther!


What's really whacky is the size difference between the two little guys. Do you think the bigger one likes to hang out with the smaller one because it makes him feel normal size?



that was awesome !

doesn't beat mike tyson and bobby brown doing monster mash but preety close !



He's from my town!