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Best Vegetarian Protein?


Quick question...

My girlfriend is a vegetarian and her doctor recently told her she should have more protein in her diet and recommended she look into protein suppliments.

Anyone have any theories as to what protein source would be most beneficial to a vegetarian?

thank you.


if she's not a vegan, whey or a whey/casein blend would be best. egg white is another option if she eats eggs. after that, pea protein is a decent option.


No she is not vegan... i just want to make sure that if she is going to be taking a protein suppliment, it contains the maximum amount of things that she isnt getting from eating meat.


Speaking as a vegan, if she's lacto ovo vegetarian the obvious choice would be a whey blend or egg protein, depending on what she's able to stomach easier. If those two are out of the option or she'd like a vegan option, Brown Rice and Pea proteins are great options and only relatively low in methionine and alanine respectively.

While I don't believe all the nightmare stories about Soy and what consuming it will do to a person, I find it just as easy to avoid it when dealing with protein powders as she likely has Soy in her diet elsewhere and variety is always a good thing.


Some people like Hemp protein powder -- pretty good amino acid profile, but more expensive than Pea or Rice.


Tried Brown Rice, Hemp and Pea Isolate.

The one that sucks the least is Pea.

Mix it (with a blender, not a shake) with carrot juice, lemon juice and it'll be tolerable...


There are places that sell all different kinds of proteins that you can add to a custom blend. In a variety of flavors. I use pea protein everyday. Along with whey hydro and casein

Metabolic Drive is probably the best bet. The taste of banana sets it apart from other proteins. Girls who dont care arent going to drink nasty shit.


I've heard that Sun Warrior Protein is pretty good


It is, I forgot to mention that as a specific brand in my initial post


It's okay, but I found it to be pretty chalky/dry. Nutribiotic is a little better in that regard.

This is definitely worth repeating. Especially if she's not into training and/or drinking any shakes, it's got to be flat-out delicious or she probably won't continue with it.

I know that, for example, I can give my gal and her kid chocolate Metabolic Drive in milk without telling them there's protein powder in it, and 9 times out of 10, they think it's plain old chocolate milk.