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Best Use of Left Over Gear?


So generally I do 2 cycles a yr one bulk and 1 cut. Looking in my med cabinet I have a hodge podge of shit left over. I have a general plan as to use it up but before I do I figured Id throw my idea out and see if any bros had any better ideas.
Current inventory
1.5 Kit HGH
4 vials test C
1 vial test E
0.5 vial Test P
100 tabs Anavar
200 tabs clen
HGH plenty
Anastrozol plenty

Goals wise Im about as big as like so no real reason to bulk up other than its fun and awesome

I could use the 12weeks to really shred out and be male model material by pool season

Im thinking 12 weeks add another kit of HGH and 100 more tabs of Var and do a lean bulk something like this...
300mg test weeks 1-12
Var 80-100mg daily weeks 1-12
HGH 6-8iu daily or 5/2
Clen 40-60mcg 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

Run Anastrozol and HGH as needed for sides

No PCT just back to my TRT dose Im 39

Kinda looking to combo this with Arnold S's blue print to cut program...seems fun and different
Current weight 197 about 13-14%bf Goal would be to get to 190-195 but strip down to 8-10% but If I get over 200lbs I wont complain :slight_smile:

Thoughts from team iron?


You know how kids sometimes go to the gas station soda fountain and just mix every flavor into their cup? ...That, with you gear.

Not meant be taken seriously, but itll bump your post to the top of the forum and hopefully be good for a laugh.