Best Use for 10,000 IU HCG

I have 2 amps of 10000 IU HCG. I am going to keep one for post cycle. What would be my best use for it during? I am currently taking 500 mg TEST E/week, week 6 of a 12 week cycle. Also Using 40 mg dbol per day. I am using nolva and have clen and clomid to wrap it up with.
I am not asking for cycle critiques. Please just advice on the hcg.

Okay don’t use the h.c.g during pct run it thru out your cycle every other day.

Judge between 250-500iu per week as little as it takes to keep the boys hangin.


Beat me to the punch bbb

you could always turn it over and buy something else that you want??? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is if you don’t plan to use it…


[quote]Dirty Gerdy wrote:
you could always turn it over and buy something else that you want??? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is if you don’t plan to use it…


Well I bought it easy enough, on the web, along with clomid and cytomel, from an online pharmacy. I even used a credit card. It was a Canadian pharm.

Thanks for the replies fellas. One more question. Should I just dilute it to 10 mls? That would make .25ml in a slin dart, will the lack of liquid reduce absordtion? (for a 250 IU injection)

Can i ask, why does everyone think using hcg post cycle is such a no no?
I have a copy of anabolics 2006 & Bill states that it should be used to bring the fellas back upto action?
I can understand the principle of rebound effect, but surely waiting beyond the longest half life of whatever you have taken, so exogenous levels drop below the 100mg mark, plus waiting after before commencing Clomid/Nolvadex will offset this?

Post-cycle is bad because the goal is recovery along the entire HPTA axis and HCG (basically exogenous LH) will maintain shutdown at the pituitary level, which is where endogenous LH production occurs.

Research published May 2005 showed that 250iu SC EOD maintained testicular function for guys where put on T to achieve HPTA shutdown. 500iu EOD provided a bit more than a base line response, but the increase was very much less than the increase of hCG which indicate deminishing returns.

As the objective is to preserve or recover testicular function, one does not need to risk any receptor down regulation. When on gear, it does not make any sense to push more hCG to make more T as this amount is trivial compared to the gear.

Any discussion of hCG requires the reminder that large doses are stupid and dangerous. More is not good. Large amounts down regulate LH receptors which will really screw up your PCT transistion. When you search for hCG info you will find references to injecting 3000iu at once. Many thought that more was better… WRONG.