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Best Upper body power exercise.

Would the best power exercise be push press, speed bench(westside), or ballistic bench press?

PUSH PRESS = power

look at what you listed “speed” bench= speed

Ballistic bench press= Explosive power/and speed.

What exactly are you trying to produce power for? In physics terms, you’re going to generate the most power with a push press, but if you’re looking to generate power for sports performance, the answer may be different.

Aside from powerlifting, I feel the best upper body exercise is the Chin-up!
You hit Grip, Biceps, Lats., as the primary movers. You also hit the shoulders, triceps and abs as the secondary support muscles.

The late John Grimek called chin-ups the “upper body squat”! I agree.

Are you trying to improve your athletic performance? Because laying flat on your back with total support isnt going to carry over to standing up and trying to generate power.

Yes the main purpose is athletic performance, and i probably should have posted push jerk instead of push press. Because my main goal of my programs is to build mass useing heavy weights and many sets mixed with with higher rep sets and i throw in the push jerk, alternate power clean and snatch, and use the box squat westside style regularly.

Recently I think it was Chad W. who wrote extolling the virtues of antagonistic supersets. I’ve had great luck with these for both my clients and myself. I like to use a superset of chin-ups followed by bar dips. I think Chad used chin-ups and barbell shoulder presses. Either way, you pair a push with a pull.
After these I go to a hanging clean with a push-press. Although maybe not technically a superset, it still follows the principle of a pull movement (the clean) paired with a push.