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Best Unusual Mass Routine?

I’m looking for some feedback on what you guys have done for short periods, i.e. 4-6 weeks for a lean mass building phase utilizing out of the ordinary routines.
I’m talking non-std short-term routines. Looking at EDT, HSS100, OVT or other SPLIT routine.
As some of you know, I’m trying to make a comeback after some cervical disc herniations and consequent 20lb weight loss.
Not to knock it, but I’ve found through 20 yrs of workouts that at this level, whole body routines don’t work for me, so splits it is. Bad thing is due to work/family requirements I can only work out on Mon/Wed/Friday. Any advice or experiences appreciated.

Hey rad I just bought Christian Thibaudeau’s new book “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Training from both sides of the force.” Anyway- I believe you will find everything you’d need for a lean mass micro or mesocycle. As for mon/wed/fri - is it possible to do mon/tues/thurs/fri? Really I’d say you’d want to try to hit each muscle group twice a week and an upper/lower split would work for your time constraints. Think about it. It’s $40 and I got it as an e-book right away. One of the best books on building mass I’d say - either for a natural trainee or “recreational pharmacist” as well. Hope this helps. Lemme know if you want more info.

Working with three day splits, whole body is by far the best way to go, however, if you are going to do a split, this is how I like to do it: I’ve found the best thing to do when I want to do a bodypart split routine and only have 3 days to workout is to go on an 8 day week. So the 4th workout, even though it technically occurs in the next calendar week is in your 8 day training schedule. Try this on for size:

Monday: High Intensity Low Volume Upper
Wed : High Intensity Low Volume Lower
Fri : low/mod intense high vol upper
Monday: low/mod intense high vol lower

And repeat, but this week your upper body will be getting the long rest…

Digging post holes and driving fence posts.

Use manual post hole diggers and dig down 2-3 feet.

Use a 40 pound t-post driver nd make sure you pick it up as high as you can for every blow.

Dig 100 holes, and drive 100 fence posts in moderately rocky ground 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

Thanks for the advice guys. So far I can only devote the 3 days to train. Could potentially add a supplemental workout at home, but would be with virtually no equipment.
I really don’t like whole body training tried it, just not for me.
As far as long term, I’ve used Upper body Monday, Lower Wed, Upper again on Friday. Also used a rotation of 4 push/pull workouts over the M/W/F schedule as well.
Let me also say that I minimize leg work not because I’m a pussy (maybe I am!), but genetics and years of heavy squats and deads have left me with very big quads/legs and disproportionate upper body. I have fairly lean 26 1/2" thighs, 34" waist, and only 47" chest and 17 3/4" arms currently just for reference purposes at 5’10" and 214lbs.
So I suppose I hate to admit that I’m looking at an “upper body” specialization mass routine. Flame away!

rainjack–grew up on a farm, dug many post holes. Unfortunately, just left me sore and tired as a teenager. Good for the soul and work ethic though.

[quote]Radjxf wrote:
rainjack–grew up on a farm, dug many post holes. Unfortunately, just left me sore and tired as a teenager. Good for the soul and work ethic though.[/quote]

Then you dug in soft dirt.

I have a friend that has a fence building business. He will build about a mile of fence on any given day, and he uses high school kids during the summer. They all grow quite a bit.

OK–let’s get back on topic, shall we?

[quote]Radjxf wrote:
OK–let’s get back on topic, shall we?[/quote]

WTF? It is on topic - unless you have changed the topic from “Unusual Mass Routines” to “Unusual Mass Routines That I Like”.

Well if you can specialize your upper body without wanting to give your wheels a workout that’s fine by me. If you try to specialize one body part or even two at the max id say you’d need to hit those body parts twice at least and preferably three times a week. If you wanted to specialize Chest I’d say:

Mon:Chest/shoulders/tris high volume
4 exercises for chest (using post fatigue methods and some heavy work mixed in)
2 exercises each for shoulders and tris

Wed:Back/bis/rear delts (Just do maintenance levels for these muscle groups) and throw in some active recovery for your chest

Fri:Chest/shoulders/tris low volume
Methods such as drop sets (drops should be as little weight as possible to keep the workout intense and shouldnt be more than 12 reps total per set ex. 6 reps 200 /4 reps 185/ 2 reps 175 = 12 total reps.)should be used here and well as thibaudeaus cluster training