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Best Unkown Rivalries


What are your favorite unknown sport rivalries...something besides Yankees/Redsox, UM/OSU, or Notre Dame/USC.. I'm talking about those games that are appreciated by true fans only...

Personally, I love:
1. Colorado State vs Wyoming
2. Boise State vs Fresno State
3. Pitt vs West Virginia
4. Kansas vs Missouri
5. New Mexico State vs UTEP

1. Xavier vs Cincinnati
2. Utah vs BYU (any sport really)
3. Duke vs Maryland - Overlooked because of Duke/UNC...but the games with Maryland are down right nasty!


Hmmm, my votes go for:

Penn State vs. Michigan (college football)

Steelers vs. Browns, and then Ravens, and now the Bengals too.

San Francisco Giants vs. LA Dodgers

I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting, but those stick out...


Chargers Vs. Raiders
Padres Vs. Dodgers

Can you tell I'm from SD?


Chargers Vs. Raiders
Padres Vs. Dodgers

Can you tell I'm from SD?


Well in my town of Pueblo, Colorado we have the oldest high school football rivalry this side of the Mississippi. It's between Centennial High School Bulldogs and Central Wild Cats. It's called the Bell Game.


Union (NY) vs R.P.I.


Iowa State versus Iowa


My Personal favorite

Utah State vs. BYU Basketball

Utah's largest and only indoor cocktail party. 15 arrests this year alone!! Good times.


Jets/ Dolphins


Hows the Utah/Utah State rivalry (any sport)?


Univ of Pennsylvania v. Princeton (College Basketball - Ivy League)

U.Michigan v. Michigan State (Ice Hockey)

Miami Dolphins v. NY Jets (NFL)

Vikings v. Packers (NFL)

U.Minnesota v. U.Iowa (NCAA Wrestling - this meet regularly sells out the Target Center in Minneapolis)

U. Minnesota v. U. North Dakota (Ice Hockey)

U.Minnesota v. U.Wisconsin (College Football)

Harvard v. Yale (Rowing - the oldest intercollegiate sporting event in the US - have raced every year since the 1860's)

Oxford v. Cambridge (Rowing, Rugby)

Army v. Navy (College Football)

Florida v. Florida State (College Football)

Florida State v. U.Miami (College Football - a newer rivalry, but pretty vicious).

Boca Juniors v. River Plate (Argentine Soccer - people die when these crosstown rivals play)


You stole my thunder!



LSU/BAMA Football.


dude that's a good one. the jets own the phins.

also redsox/bluejays is some pretty bad blood. i've seen more real action in the stands @ jays game than yankee games where it's the rivalry is gettin to be a movie script. and it's a long way but there's a good number of fans coming down from toronto !

tv tells the same story. seems like every away game i see on tv you can hear more sox fans than the home team wherever they are. but not in toronto. did you see any games the last 3 nights ? the boos were so loud and so persistent it sounded like the airport. sometimes. fuckin bluejay's.


that's just it they could be having the shittiest year ever and they'll still take down miami !

didn't miami beat them like 13 straight way back or something like that ?


Iowa-Minn (football) Floyd of Rosdale

Iowa-Wisconsin (football)

U of I alum

But my favorite is U of M vs. ND


Yeah - that's what makes it so cool.

All time stats in the series: NY Jets 41, Miami 39, 1 Tie

No. The most were the 8 straight that the Jets put up on the Dolphins in the late '90's.

I think you are referring to the Bufallo Bills - the Fins went something like 36-3 against them stretching back to 1969 before the Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas era began (1987) - and rolled off something like 24 straight at one point.

At this point the Fins have a losing/even historical records against the following teams:

Giants (2-3)
Jets (39-41-1 : thanks to the "streak")
Texans (0-1 - thanks to that dickhead Fiedler who is now the Jets backup )
Raiders (12-18)
49ers (5-5)

I think the Dolphins are still the winningest team (historically) since the AFL-NFL merger.

Jets suck, have always sucked, and will continue to suck into perpetuity. Why? because they're the stinkin' Jets!!


I'm not sure how 'unknown' it is but the Bears/Packers thing is pretty intense.


Another of my favorite rivalries is between my high school, St. Amant Gators, against the E.A. Spartans, the HS just down the road. When the game is at E.A., they shut down the highway that goes by the stadium and the event sometimes draws several thousand people. It's a big to-do in our little area.


URI vs. PC basketball
BU vs. BC hockey
New England Revolution vs. L.A. Galaxy (this isn't too bad yet, but now that L.A.'s beaten us twice in OT to win the MLS cup I think it could start getting pretty nasty. Too bad it's all soccer moms and little kids at the games and I get dirty looks for yelling obscenities.)