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Best UK University for Sports Science?


Hello friend,

Which universitys in britian are going to give me the best education so that i can become a strength and conditioning coach?There are so many?anybody got any information about universitys or personal experiance within the u.k?thankyou


Not Bath, its boring, sports not all they crack it up to be either. Exeter, Loughborough are both better choices.


Would say loughborough and Bath. To jk270, Bath is a national institute for sport, and has an AMAZING gym plus is also going to be used as an olympic base for one of the major countries come 2012.

Exeter is up there, but it is smaller.


Would say loughborough and Bath. To jk270, Bath is a national institute for sport, and has an AMAZING gym plus is also going to be used as an olympic base for one of the major countries come 2012.

Exeter is up there, but it is smaller.

Not so sure about outside of England but have heard good things about Cardiff.


Loughborough is arguably the best, Baths pretty good, Brunel in London has great facillities.


Loughborough is good been there a few times for various conferences and events, but its starting to look rather dated (the facilties), things have come a long way since LB was the "only place" to study, universities you should consider are, Durham, Plymouth, Ulster, Teesside, Twickenham, Edinburgh.

One thing that shines through from UK institutions vs US institutions is that in the UK sports science courses are run by endurance weenies and US fast majority of lecturers are meat heads.

Additionally it does'nt really matter what course (although more are now offering S+C science as a topic) you do as In the UK most orgs wont touch you for Str and Con jobs unless you stump up the cash to go through UKSCA Str + Con coach cert


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Sheffiled Hallam is all new (built over the past decade or less) and also has good gym facilities. Also, as a city it's fantastic with two uni's and excellent night life - as a place to study and live as a student it is really good.

The one reservation I had with the sports science degree there was that it was all too theoretical (for example muscle fibre types but zero education about how to maximally train each fibre), but I suspect many other uni's are the same.

I wanted to learn specifically how to take a group of athletes, and tell them precisely how to eat and train for elite results (while also applying that info to myself). Guess what - the course there did not teach anything even close to that and half of it was a waste of time. I learnt more researching and reading myself.

I'd suggest that if you do a ss degree, then also try and sign-up for specific nutritional, strenght, bb, conditioning qualifications. Other than that - visit each uni and ask the important questions about the course content. I would have thought that a ss degree should enable you to go and train elite athletes - but mine did not.


Ironman I actually go to Bath, the gym is ok but nothing special. On a national level I don't think Bath excel at any sports, rugby there are about 4 teams who put 40 points on the 1s, swimming is a strong point but that's about it.

Anyway, the only course you could do there would be a sports science degree which I can tell you has taught me nothing about strength and conditioning so far and that's including a strength and conditioning unit.


Oh c'mon the gym is amazing....plus the hydrotherapy after........to die for!!! dont think many places can compete with the facilities? tennis, hockey, rugby, swimming, athletics, netball, basketball, badminton....all sports are covered, and i would argue that in all they are ATLEAST in the top 10 for each.

I have lived here a LONG time though so i am biased :slight_smile: lol


I'd say slightly less than half the kit in there is useless, in fairness they have cleared it out a bit recently, still be changing gyms next year hopefully. Don't know if you train there too but in semester its full of 100 lb kids who curl on the lifting platforms for 2 hours.

Haven't had any hydro but heard it's pretty nice. To be fair yea, they probably are in the top 10 for most of those if not all but they're also second tier in a few of them (rugby, athletics, hockey don't know about the rest), they are top 10 but they're not even competitive with the top 3 or 4 Uni's.


I'd echo Loughborough as well however it is meant to be dry as fuck. Brunel is up there too, it has had heavy investment so a lot of the sports facilities are brand new.

Some links you may find helpful...

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My housemates sister went to Loughborough University for something or other, got fucked my Ryan Sidebottom (England cricketer for those not in the know).

I'd say its a pretty good choice, as is Brunel/Bath.


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I think youre forgetting the judo and karate, bath are supposed to have an olympic level judo program a few of my friends that do judo have said it is good (personally i dont like judo) and i know the karate team has had success recently, i tried to check how much but i didnt get very far but i do know they won in 2007.

They are also trying to do things with kickboxing inter-university wise. The gym is also the best by far i have used, although there are some bastardised children practicing tossing on the lifting platfrom, i cant think of any other equipment you could want in there.

In terms of the content that is taught in the sport science i dont know much about it and none of my friends that do sports science have ever said anything negative about it. At home, some of my martial arts instructors have strength and conditioning qualifications but i think they got them through doing specific courses not university degrees.


Hi thanks for the replys...

I have been looking online and it seems salford has a good degree for strength and conditioning?anyone heard that?i have been speaking to people who study there and apparently it is very good?

Bath and lough are well known for there sports science i may look into those universitys,thanks guys yous have been amazing


Salford Uni is shite and you will probably end up getting mugged by some pikey.


Actually went to watch the varsity kick boxing (against Loughbrough) probably the worst display of athleticism I have ever witnessed with the exception of Bath's captain who wasn't even trained at Bath. I'd like to see a reverse hyper, even a back extension, thick handled barbells and/or dumbbells but yea it's not catastrophically bad.

Sounds harsh but in terms of strength and conditioning I don't think there is anything positive about the course at Bath except for the placement year which Exeter offer now as well. I was told it was a box to tick so that's pretty much my only motivation for staying, that and rugby.


Its surely not that bad at salford uni?get mugged?reps are sometimes exaggerated?or maybe not lol


Getting mugged would be fairly likely, as the halls are in a very dodgy part of town. One of my mates who went there said that some scallies stole a car and drove it into a queue of students outside a burger van!