Best Type of Training During PCT?

tomorrow will be the start of week 6 of an 8 week test prop only cycle. i have put on 11 lbs thus far, going from 197 lbs. to 208. my bodyfat is at 10.5%. my avatar pic is from 6 days ago. my pct is going to be a simple nolva 40/40/20/20.

during my cycle i have increased the volume of my workouts as well as the frequency that i train certain bodyparts. but i know that im going to have to tone it down during my pct. obviously i want to hang on to as much muscle as possible. ive been running adex at .25 mg eod to e3d, and its prop, so im not carrying too much bloat.

anyway, im thinking a lower volume type workout such as Waterbury’s abbh for my pct. heavy compounds, low reps, lots of rest. and ditching all of the arm training since i have been blasting them while on cycle. does this line of reasoning sound good or what would you guys recommend for training during pct?

First off, congrats on the muscle gain.

The only thing I change from on cycle to off cycle is the the twice a week training of bodyparts. Example: I train chest 2 times per week on cycle, but only once when I come off.

You should still train heavy and intense in order to keep the newly aquired muscle. As for arms, you could just do a couple exercises for tris on chest day and bis on back day and have another day for recovery if you feel that is needed.

I’m not familiar with Waterbury, but basically I think your plan makes sense.

I don’t really change things around too much on or off cycle, though I’m sometimes a little undisciplined and spend more time in the gym on cycle than I should, at least based on my initial training plans.

During PCT I definitely like to mentally focus on maintaining (and even improving, for a few weeks) the improved strength that I got from my cycle, while keeping caloric intake high and making sure my body (shoulders and back, typically) recovers well.

Whatever works…

I dont follow other training programs any longer either, but yes during PCT i would always gradulally drop volume but keep intensity highj - until i was off, when i would be on a more HIT style program, between 4-8 sets per bodypart per week… but with one intensity technique per bodypart per week.

I’d tend to do 4 weeks of this then deload for a short time and build volume again, possibly going through a higher rep scheme then finishing with my regular low reps and moderate volume work.

This was me though, take what you will from that :slight_smile:


thanks for the help