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Best Type of Squat for Vertical?


I am thinking of performing quarter squats to help improve my vertical. But before I do them I wanted to make sure that quarter squats are the best type of squat for improving my vertical jump. I will be performing plyo's as well. I am still going to be performing exercises like good mornings to hit my hams and glutes. I weigh 145lbs and have parallel squated 365lbs 7 times. But now I really want to work on dunking. I am only 5 foot 7 and am white(hehe). Figured it would be cool to be a white Spud Webb. I probably won't ever reach his vertical status but I am willing to work on it.


If u could attain even 70% of Spudd's vertical attainment, it would be awesome.


Deep olympic squats hit the glutes and hamstrings pretty hard you cant really go wrong with them. Quarter squats emulate jumping... sort of. I'd leave jumping for training jumping and squatting deep for building your legs.


"I weigh 145lbs and have parallel squated 365lbs 7 times."

Not to be a dick, but I'm calling bullshit on this. If you really can parallel squat 365 7 times at a bodyweight of 145 (putting your one-rep max at about 400-420 pounds- almost 3X your bodyweight), you should have no problem at all dunking as it is.


I can grap the rim from a stand still jump. From a running jump a can sometimes get my wrist just above the rim. So I think I have a pretty good start. But I think to get the extra inches I need to dunk may be somewhat hard. Anyhow, just a little background on where my jumping is right now.


Man, I swear on my life I have done 365lbs 7 reps with a belt. I should say it was a powerlifting wide style squat. The other day I did 315 7 reps shoulder width stance(not near as wide) without a belt.


How much is your 1rm squat rock bottom Oly style?


Usually when people put up fake looking numbers and someone says they went to parallel they were short of it, and if they say "ass to grass" they were about at parallel. At least this is what I've observed calling bullshit in real life.

Then again, I've been proven wrong once when calling BS.


(anyone wanna call BS on that?)


oh yeah,

jump squats with a ton of band tension should help you out dude.


If you can grab the rim from standstill, but only get wrist over it from the run, you need to work more on speed. Obviously you have the strength component down. You are one of the rare people I would recommend plyos to (because you obviously have the speed component down), along with jump squats, reactive squats and sprint work. Also, single-leg squats my help improve your run-up strength as well.


I have never done those, do you think those will really help me to improve my jump? The only reason I don't think they will help that much is because when someone jumps they never squat that far down. I might just not be understanding exactly how the will help.


Personally, I like low rep Bulgarian Split Squats (5-8 Reps) with the front foot elevated on a 4-6" box. If you've never done these before, prepare for glute and VMO soreness like you've never felt before.



Well I know what I have done. I was not saying my numbers to show off. I was saying them so ya'll can know where I was at. But I hate saying numbers because no one believes me. I have just recently benched 230lbs for 10 reps all raw. Is that impossible since I weigh 145lbs? Thats ok no one ever believes me till they see. Anyhow please back to the subject. Thanks for all the help so far though.


Regardless of what you squat right now, there is always room for improvement. In my opionion nothing helps build the vert. better than full olympic style back AND front squats. For starters front squat with feet shoulder width (which will seem very narrow), and point your toes completely straight infront of you. This will activate your glutes a little bit more at rock bottom. As for back squat, use a little wider than shoulder width stance, with toes just shy of 45 degrees. My vert. has increased quite quickly since squating exclusively this way. Good luck


I do Track not backetball, but two things that really helped me get explosive was doing endless box jumps, iv found that if the box your jumping on is alittle higher than your bellybotton, then its a great size for you(adding weight like a weight vest might be benifical)... and when leg-pressing, use low weight and throw up the weight a good foot on ever rep(just make shure you cushion the weight so it doesnt destroy your knees comin back down)...This is just what worked great for me, gave me about 2 inches over about a month and a half...


Just because you don't exactly replicate the body motion between an oly squat and a jump doesn't mean that doing oly squats won't help your jumping ability. Oly squats can help. Besides the speed/explosion of the jump, strength is another component that helps one jump high. An oly squat can help with overall lowerbody strength and flexibility, which are both great ways to assist in helping ones jumping ability.

Oly squats can and should (should is subject to opinion) be both front and back.


Please clarify a few things for me.

First, you said that since he can jump up and grab the rim, yet only get his wrist over from the run he needs to work on speed. Are you talking about speed from a running takeoff or the speed of the jump (which is the fast explosion of the jump)?

Second, you said that he needs to work on his speed then later you said that he is one person that you would recommend plyos to because he obviously has the speed component down. Did you mean strength because you said he needs to work on his speed?

I personally think that he has great explosion from the standstill and the weak link for him is jumping off of the run. Something that I'm trying to fix for myself. Certain plyos would be better for him than others. Just my thoughts on that.


Thread starter !

What have you been doing for speed and power so far ?


Obviously, you have enough limit strength to dunk. What you should work on for the next 8 weeks is a power/reactive strength block. Read some of Kelly Baggett's, and Jumanji's posts on force absorbtion.
Exercises that could really help you are jump squats with 10-30% of your 1rm, depth drops and depth jumps, reactive GHR's. Sprinting is the most reactive exercise there is.


bottom position squats might help, put the bar on the pins and squat up preferable 8 to 10 sets of 1 do the trick