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Best Type of Olive Oil?


Should l refrigerate it? add it to shakes?

can anyone throw me a bone..

thanks guys


Don't refrigerate it, leave it at room temperature.


The type that had to undergo one final filtration process:

Passing through the luscious crevices of a 'devout Catholic' virgin, right into the bottle :wink:


Cold Pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Make sure you check the ingredients and it doesnt have refined olive oil in as well.

Buy it in a tin. Store it out of sunlight.

I drink mine from a shot glass. It doesnt taste bad but its easier to put some juice in your mouth first then drink from the shot glass and swallow.


whats the diff between olive oil and extra virgn olive oil. I know a newb question lol


I tried EVOO in shakes; holy shit it tasted horrid.

I had to switch back to regular olive oil.


Save time asking here; ask google.


good thinking good thinking, how was that hockey team u said u started to play on bro?


gotta disagree with Rock on the EVOO in shakes. i put it in chocolate mixed with a little coconut extract and it's freakin great. just makes it taste very creamy.


To minimize the EVOO taste on the shake add some ground cinnamon, plus splenda as needed.


I love the kalamata [or black if you don't like the seeds] olives that come in EVOO.

Give those a shot on a salad/veggies, with a greek burger [search this site for the burger] or do it like me: Make a plate with cottage cheese, tomato, broccoli and some walnuts "hours dourve" for a tasty snack.

You can use the EVOO in the jar and eat the olives, BONUS!