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Best Type of Oats?


Hi, i always buy 100% rolled oats with a big scottish guy on the package. However there are other oats like irish oats, oatbran etc and i have no idea which oats will give me the most benefit.
alot of americans go for steel cut oats, but i cant find steel cut oats in the UK.
What is the UK alternative, Quaker do loads of diffrent kind of oats. what is their best kind i could find in a super market?


I have been using the walmart brand old fashioned oats. They are fairly cheap and easy access to.

I was at a health food store recently and they had 7 grain, barley, wheat and a few others so im kinda curious about this also


For me, steel cut is numero uno! I just like the taste and texture. Look for Scottish Oats, that's pretty much the same thing as steel cut...I just think it's cut more or something.


Any of you guys got one of those crockpot type recipes for those "real oats" that take forever to cook? I swear I've read some good sounding stuff, basically preparing all week's breakfast on a weekend in the crock pot.

I usually just nuke the instant old fashioned quaker oats that comes in a big tube with some berries. They're clean, only ingredient is 100% oats.


Not a crockpot recipe but it will do the trick. This is to be done before bed.

Boil 1 cup of water per 1/4 of steel cut oats.
Once water is boiling add oats.
Cover and turn off stove top, let pot sit overnight
When you wake up the oats simply need to be heated up

Beats stirring oatmeal for 30 minutes in the morning. I suppose you could make a larger batch and store some of it. I've had better luck with smaller portions (1-2 servings) using this method