Best Type of Magnesium?

What is the best type to purchase? There seems to be about 4 diffent types? any ideas?

Get ZMA it has the Mag and Zinc covered in the best forms. all for what $9. Cant beat it.

I take GNC’ potassium & magnesium aspartate 250. Same form that is in ZMA. Really has relieved my footcramping. Try it out!

Try Magnesium Sulfate - Epsom Salts.

It has the highest absorbability, and it is extreamly cheap. Keep away from your times of calcium intake because it interfears with absorbtion.

Note take a dime size or less amount of crystals in your hand about once or twice a day. If you start noticing laxative effects (what magnesium does in high amounts) just cut back a bit.

Note: Magnesium in this form was helpful for kids with ADD and ADHD in a Polish study(hence why I use it). Just do a Google search for it.

add & adhd doesn’t existe , take your children off processed foods…