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Best TRT/HRT Clinic or Specalist Near Me


I am looking for the expert guidance of someone who has real knowledge over the subject matter. I am 29 YO and have suffered from low T from the age of 23 due to abusing AAS in my younger days and not having the knowledge back then. I’m located in New Brunswick NJ

I have tried clomid restarts and the likes but have suffered really bad sides in anxiety, depression, irritation, OCD like symptoms etc for the better half of 6 years since not using any exogenous test.

Recently went to the doc and he prescribed me Natesto which imo in the past 3 days has made a tremendous difference but i see it as something to be used in conjunction with injections since i see the injections more as a base and the natesto as something that can help me peak. There is also data on the natesto not affecting LH/FSH and there are studies on it regarding sperm count being finished later this year.

I had my first child off clomid and having more children is important to me, so i am thinking of going to a sperm bank and storing my sperm. $$ isn’t an issue, after all the natesto is 750$ per month. My contingency plan is to store sperm as a real backup backup plan and try to conceive in the future with the introduction of HCG to the trt when needed.

I am an established entrepreneur and need a real expert who can empathize with the sides iv’e been experiencing. The low t has crushed all sorts of ambition and motivation and i am constantly waking up with anxiety attacks. Its really bad. All other health conditions are perfect.

Please let me know the best expert around me.

You need labs. Please see Lab Work, Blood Testing and Symptoms

Also in the stickies is finding a TRT Dr.