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Best TRT/Cruise Protocol?

I’ve read a lot of posts here, but I have a few questions and want to double check that I’m on the right track because of the massive long term consequences it could have if I’m doing this in a way that isn’t optimal.

I’ve given up on PCT, because it’s too traumatic and my natural test levels aren’t ideal. If I’m going to just do TRT for half of each year and spread out two 3-month long blast periods for the remaining 6 months, is there any point in using Nolva or other SERMS at all?

Right now I’m doing TRT with 150mg Test E every 3 days and .5mg Arimidex every other day. I’ve occasionally been using HCG but I haven’t stuck to a set regimen. Is there anything else I should be taking? How much should I generally ramp up Arimidex during a blast?

Also, I just went to a doctor for the first time in a long time and my creatine kinase level was at 2662 which is way above the upper norm limit of 500. How concerned about this should I be?

Its not so big thing if you have been working out like a demon, breaking muscle tissue down. Otherwise yes be worried.

I’m not sure you should be the Testosterone replacement forum. You seem to want supra natural testosterone levels. This forum is more about keeping them in a natural range. Even if it is at the top of the range. Here the idea is to seek levels and hold them in an ideal balance.