Best Triceps Exercises?

To anyone and everyone: What triceps exercises have given you the best results (pounds on your bench)? How about sets, rep ranges, methods, random triceps-related advice?

well it depends on what you think will help you, what you need to work on for your bench, and what you can do physically. I would just hammer the tris, with JM presses, extensions, Close grip bench, and diffrent pressing variations, such as a key press, tate press, etc. if you hammer them enough, you will see a diffrence. theres no real methods, and you can play with reps ans sets.

For me the best thing I’ve done was / is close grip board presses. (3-4-5 bd) both raw and shirted. When I say close grip I mean narrower than I would do a regular bench press, which for me is middle finger on the rings. I usually go no narrower than a thumb lenght from the smooth part of my texas power bar unless the weight is light.

A close runner up would be floor presses with chains, usually about 50-60# worth.

3rd- reverse band bench presses.

hope this gives you a few ideas…


edit: you asked about sets and rep ranges. i like to pick that on the day of training. I work rotating 12 hrshifts so some days I feel great and some days I feel weak as a bitch. Ususllt I’ll go with a 3 or 5 rep range working up until I’m on the edge of failure. For me that’s usually 7 or 8 work sets. FWIW. when I do a 3 rm that equates to 92% of my 1rm’s and at 5 reps thats 85%.

Tricep extensions helped my bench massively. I shrug at the top of the movement for some extra work :slight_smile:
My dumbbells go straight from 70 to 90 pounds so I do 8,8,8 an then if I’m lucky 2 reps. I’ve got some cheap wrist weights now that can help me fill the gap though.

Weighted dips have done wonders to my bench. Ill do both chest(leaning version) and tricep(vertical) style. I know some peopel have shoulder probs but if your shoulders are fine, give em a shot

Ramping up to a 3-5RM on pressdowns