Best Triceps Exercise Machine

Dr. Darden

In your opinion which exercise would consider better of two for triceps

Seated triceps extension machine
Nautilus seated dip machine


I would go with the seated triceps extension machine.


I have the Nautilus low friction seated dip. By far the best tri machine I have ever used. So smooth and directed right on the muscle. Actually got rid of my multi tricep because I wasn’t even using it anymore.

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I use medx triceps extension.
Seems like a great tri workout.

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Barbell for CG Bench Press
EZ-Curl Bar for Lying or Incline TX
Pushdowns (Double-Pulley Set-Up)

I 100 percent agree!

Any particular version?

My gym has the 2ST version, and I find it a bit awkward to find a comfortable hand/wrist position. I see that there was/is a Nitro version also - with proper handles, which may solve my problem.