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Best Tricep Exercises?


I need to know a good tricep exercise that i can gradually progress on. First i did dips, but i felt like adding heavier n heavier dumbbells on the dip belt was uncomfortable. Then i did 2 hand overhand extensions, and i got up to 100 lbs. Only prob is my gym only goes up to 100 lb dumbbells =/. Now im doing 1 arm overhand extensions, but im not sure if its effective.

I need some hands on experience on this!


Close-grip Bench Press?


I've always liked doing Skull Crushers with a dumbell in EACH hand, but making sure to avoid locking out directly above your head (keep your arms angled slightly back at the shoulder joint). I guarantee you won't be using 100 lbs DB's -lol



PJR Pullovers


x2. I do them on the floor though. Theres a good vid of Jason Wojo doin them.


tricep kickbacks FTW!!!

Ok but for reals.... Skull Crushers and CGBP


Hopefully Holy Macaroni will show up since someone said something about triceps...

But just in case he doesn't, skullcrushers. Of 160 pounds or more.

And as a personal anecdote, I really enjoy doing skullcrushers as a mid-angled bench. My shoulders tend to get bothered a LOT from tricep movements (esp skullcrushers) and putting them at a slightly higher angle seems to really minimize that while still allowing maximum strength and shit.


Some good stuff here (Triceps Thread):



InHuman CGP (google it)

PJR pullover

Rope extension/underhand grip "pushdown" superset

That covers all three heads of the triceps


Why 160?


I thought they said something about 160 lbs without a warm-up at one point. . . ?


Haha 145 x 8 for 2 sets no warm up


Ooh, that's right. Derb.


lol if you got it right i would have understood you.


i would of kept going but bugAD and DOH had already grumbled and moved to the other side of the gym


Decline elbows flared CGBP, French Press, Lying behind the head extensions, dips do it for me!


fuck the haters as JG would say


CGBP,narrower than shoulder width, bar to lower pec, elbows in and stopping short of lockout. Ramping from 15 to 8 reps. The best.

Incline skullcrushers without lockout and a big stretch at the bottom

Dip Machine negatives.


Smith Wide Reverse Grip Bench press
Incline close grip bench
Rolling DB extensions
And another vote for PJRs


JM presses for strength
Tricep extensions overhead with a rope