Best Trap Builders?

Im wanting to thicken up my traps, atm im doing the superhero workout is there any other exercises i could do to help with the growth of the traps, cause atm to me they dont look in proportion to my shoulders

I forget what was recommended in the superhero workout program, but for me the best trap builders have been:

Clean to Presses
High Pulls

The clean and high pulls are explosive movements and seem to have put some noticeable meat onto my traps lately.

I’m not sure what is prescribed in the superhero workout, but try incorporating variations of the OLY Lifts: power snatch, hang power snatch, power clean, hang power clean, etc… Also neck extensions, can bring up lagging traps, by targeting the upper fibres of the trapezius.

I rarely train, but from doing deads, to some degree I imagine bent over barbell rows, and cleans, they look just fine (and mighty beefy if I may add)


I seem to remember a guy who’s traps were getting too jacked from chinups…

For me dead lifts and rack dead lifts are the best upper back builders. A 400 lb deadlift for reps will do more for your traps than any 200 lb shrug.

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Deadlift, rack pulls, power clean, upright rows, shrugs.

Seems like there’s already a lot or traps exercises in the superheroes workout(in the first four weeks at least). I like to replace the first set of shrugs with deadlifts or rack pulls, and sometime replace the upright row with cleans. They work better for me.

Compound movements like Deadlift Variations, Rack Pulls, Power Cleans. To a lesser degree, Shrug Variations, Neck Harness work, and the 4 way neck machine should help fill out your traps.

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