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Best Translation Sites?


I have a patient that can't speak English...only Russian. I am using http://translation2.paralink.com/ to communicate with her and that is doing OK. I was just wondering if anyone knows any better ones just in case this situation pops up again in the future?


Google has a feature for translating.


freetranslation.com isn't too bad, but I have found that Google is the most user friendly by far. You can literally copy and paste stuff into the translation bar.


Thanks. It was just a unique situation. Usually, with Spanish, french or even some Arabic I can get by just enough to communicate, but Russian has no base words I am familiar with and it was like we weren't understanding each other at all until I loaded that website.

I appreciate it.


No worries guy, Russian is unique with its Cyrillic Alphabet make it hard to distinguish anything. Because I speak Italian, I can pull off Spanish pretty well, some Portuguese, and some French. But no chance in hell of figuring out Russian LOL.


Can't help you. But in case you need a one-off translation of something specific, PM me.




This reminds me of a question I have for you, Professor. It's something that's been bugging me for a long time. Why do Hygienists always ask me questions while they are cleaning my teeth? And, how the hell is it they ALWAYS understand my reply? Between the hand, the mirror, the little pick and the spit vacuum all in my mouth, I can't even understand what I say.


You can PM me and I will get you my number. I actually have a good friend that's Russian.


Unless I'm too late, lol.


Also, I forgot-

Ask her to spell it for you in cyrillic, then use a cyrillic keyboard:http://winrus.com/screen_e.htm

then get a cyrillic translator; it's so much easier.


Yahoo Babel fish is pretty good too.


I understand my patients even with my big ass fingers in their mouth. I also ask them tons of questions just to see if they try to answer them with tons of shit in their mouth. I personally find that to be funny as hell.

"So, you play football?"

"Mppph ohhhh, psshhhhh"

"For realz?"


LOL...yeah, that sounds real easy.

No, I appreciate the help though. I have never even spoken to someone who speaks Russian before so it was just a new experience.

For what it's worth, they were cool people.


I am finding this one good


Free online, does Russian, you can buy a version of it too, could be useful.




The patient came back today. iGoogle for the win.


Google translate is the shit, I have translated total documents with very good accuracy and little difficulty.