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Best Training


What's the best training ???


potty training


  1. There is no "best training" program.

  2. Scroll down to the Articles Library and read all the training articles and pick the type of program that you like and will actually do. Any program by Chad Wayerbury, CT, Ian King, Charles Staley, West Side ect. will do.

  3. No program will do much unless your diet is dialed in.


It gave me a great sense of satisfaction and the personal best's are always a great motivater.



The best training program is the one that works.


ABBHI by Chad Waterbury is a very top-notch program that a lot of people have had excellent success in.

As stated before, there is no "best" program, it depends on your body type and genetics.

If you are new to weightlifting, familiarize yourself with some weights before launching into a hardcore program. I say this only because most of the better programs involve squats, deadlifts, and other tough compound movements that will fuck you up royally if you don't progress gradually with the weight.


Eating enough good food. Allowing ample recovery time and sleep. Not training to failure very often. Consistently increasing the difficulty of your routine. Backing off when you feel overtrained. Correcting limiting imbalances and weaknesses (r.cuff, lower back, scap retractors, GPP, whatever).


I've heard this many times:

"The best training program is the one you're not doing."


Well; squats, dealifts. and other compound movements should be part of every program. Even for beginner lifters. But it should be eased into and the weights and loading scheme should be moderate. Eric Cressey and other coaches who contribute to T-Nation would recommend 8+ reps for beginners. I would tend to agree with them.


What's the best food? What's the best supplement? What's the best exercise? What's the best, y'know, stuff?


Yeah, I didn't mean don't do them, but doing 80% of your 1RM as a beginner presents two problems: first, calculating your 1RM on a deadlift or squat as a beginner can put a premature end to your weightlifting, and second, jumping into heavy deadlifts/squats your first week of weightlifting will be detrimental.

Work up to heavy weights with those two is what I mean.