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Best training video ever

that is some pretty funny stuff man. All these people saying watch out for the splinters, screws comming out. but they missed the flimsy bar that will take ya nuts off

we will call this new exercise:

“nut pulls”


“goldberg pulls”

"bro, what is your workout today?

  • 10 sets of 2 reps speed nut pulls, with a nut z-suit"


OUCH! Funny shit, dude.

Funny as f*ck but the other vids are cool too, that dynamic dead is bloody explosive! obvious what i need to focus on.

thanks. too bad i dont have a video of when the swiss ball exploded underneath me.

A ball exploded!? Shit man what were you doing?

I was wondering when that was going to happen.

Hopefully you are going to invest in a real bar.

Or at least a cup…

I was sitting on it at my computer and my roommates cat clawed it.

You’re Golden! Thank you for putting that up.


OH, man!!!

That was funny…but I got more of a kick out of that 638 pound squat. That didn’t look like it was any problem for you at all.

The next “Star Wars” kid!

Goldmember. He lost his balls in an unfortunate deadlifting accident! :wink: