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Best training video ever

http://www.public.iastate.edu/~landon/goldberg/. Go to the jumpstretch platform video.

That is too fucking funny.

I can watch that vid all day and never stop laughing.

Haha! Me too Patricia! That’s hilarious!

Holy shit that was hilarious!!!

Are you going to be able to have kids with Cass now?

Finally we get to watch what cass was talking about…

Oh that is a good one, damn funny job.

What is that bar you first used made out of? Looks like plastic?

How’s your nuts?

You know, you may have a little trouble selling that bad boy on eBay now. Not much of a marketing ploy…:slight_smile:

I’m just kiddin’ man. Your videos rock. Good motivation for me. But that was definitely funny, nonetheless.

Good stuff Goldberg!

This one is going in the archives.

It was a shower curtain rod. I didnt have anything else lying around that would work.

Made my day.

Good stuff goldberg!!!

Funny thing is I was thinking about how strong the wood and metal was that I forgot about the damn bar!!! YIKES!!! I think we should all say a prayer for Goldie’s nuts!!! See if you used a steel bar instead of plastic you would have had a less catastrophic failure. :slight_smile:

Goldberg the only guy that now wears a cup while deadlifting!!! :wink:

Hmm, I can’t open this. What video viewer to I need?


I swear to gawd, when I first saw this I almost died. This is the funniest video I have seen in a long time.

Did you guys get sound with it too? He says some funny shit after he grabbed his nuts!


That pretty much turned my whole day around. Thanks.

Too bad you weren’t doing a Jefferson lift. Heheheh. :wink: