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Best Training Program While Cutting?

Hey Guys. I’m cutting and I’ve got the diet worked out completely but I’m still trying to figure out the best training program to go along with it.

Initially I was gonna go with youre average hit-the-weights-hard training to mantain mnass and throw in HIIT sprints and racquetball.

However, I’ve been looking at some other stuff such as Lactic Acid Traingin (GBC) and my question is…has anyone had any experience with it? Would you recommend it over traditional weight training with the goal of cutting fat while mantaining muscle mass?


Are you trying to make weight, diet for a show, or just look better on the beach?

Bodybuilders train to attain a certain look while dieting, while athletes are trying to maintain maximal strength and CNS efficiency.

If you’re just an average Joe, then the lactic acid program would be great for you. Pretty much anything that makes you want to stop lifting and sleep is good.

I don’t believe that cutting is any time to reduce your relative intensity (% of 1RM). If you have your diet dialed in to the point that you don’t need to do excessive cardio, I’d try to stay with a 5x5 or 8x3 full-body workout.

Don’t know if you read this mate, but Christian Thibaudeau’s new article looks very apt in here. It talks about how to a) keep strength while cutting b) use lactate high-rep, low-rest training to meltdown c) sort your cardio to maximise fat loss and minimise muscle loss. Check it out


Good luck, i know i’ll be doing this VERY soon

I agree with Dannyrat, CT’s new fat loss program looks great - a combination of 2 heavy lifting days, 2 lactic acid high rep days and some short, intense cardio. I’ll be starting it soon myself.

Thanks for the help guys. I did read that article and I don’t know why I didn’t think to look back at it. I think I’ll be doing exactly that.